EITPL Human Resource Management (CLIMBR)

  • Learn how EIT CLIMBR-Suite can enable the shift to automate from traditional transaction to end-to-end experiences — Creating a more flexible and engaged workforce while simplifies human interactions, delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and a more resilient business.

EITPL Human Resource Management System

Human resource management system (HRM) is an essential part of any organization, and managing it effectively can be a challenging task. With the increasing demand for automated systems, EITPL with its services gives best hr management software system in Kolkata (HRMS) that has become an integral part of organization today.

EITPL’s human resource management system software application helps organizations manage their human resource functions more efficiently. It automates several administrative tasks, such as recruiting, onboarding, payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, and performance management and so this is most recommended and best HR management software in Kolkata. This system helps HR professionals to focus on more strategic functions such as employee development, talent management, and retention.

One of the key advantages of our hr management software is its ability to centralize data. All employee data can be stored in a single location, allowing HR professionals to access information quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our HRMS can help organizations comply with various regulations such as labor laws, tax laws, and other compliance regulations.

Our HRMS software can also help streamline the recruitment process. By integrating job postings with social media platforms and job boards, HR professionals can attract a larger pool of qualified candidates. The system can also help automate the screening process and schedule interviews, making the recruitment process more efficient and cost-effective.

Another benefit of our cloud based hr software is its ability to manage employee performance effectively. By setting goals and tracking progress, HR professionals can identify areas where employees need improvement and provide necessary training. The system can also help monitor employee attendance and time off, ensuring compliance with company policies and labor laws.

Finally, our HRMS software can help organizations make informed decisions by providing valuable insights into employee data. By analyzing employee data, HR professionals can identify trends and patterns, helping them make more informed decisions regarding employee development and retention.

In conclusion, we have the best human resource management information system software tool for any organization looking to manage its human resources more effectively. By streamlining administrative tasks, centralizing data, and providing valuable insights, an HRMS software can help HR professionals focus on strategic functions that add value to the reputed and best HR software companies. If you're considering implementing an HRMS, be sure to research your options thoroughly to find the best fit for your organization.

Create a workplace where people and business thrive

Support your employees wherever and however they need to work; Help ensure HR compliance and streamline benefits for core HR, payroll and more.

Centralise Core HR process and operation
  • Centralise employee profiles
  • Optimise HR programmes
  • Increase organisational agility
  • Geo tagging time and attendance tracking
  • Transform employee experiences to digital and mobility
Manage Work Force Management
  • Automate processes and workflows
  • Simplify work force management
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Operational headcount planning
Optimise Payroll
  • Standardised payroll processing
  • simplified and automated payroll processes
  • Accurate payroll monitoring
  • Automated transaction and tracking of loan and advance
  • Remove manual payroll management tasks
  • Connected payroll management
Streamline recruitment
  • Engaging onboarding portal
  • Comprehensive applicant management
  • Paperless hiring and onboarding process
  • Automated recruitment process

Why choose EIT CLIMBR cloud HRMS?

Proven track record

We are proud to say that 55% of our client comes as recommendation. This recognition is a testimony to our relentless focus on our customers’ success—helping to provide the innovation, scalability, and security that need today and into the future.

Delightful User Experience

A digital-first approach platform with advance UI/UX optimized for friendly and best end-user experience and higher employee acceptance

Scalable business agility

Adapt your people strategy to every turn in your business and the ability to quickly adjust your processes in uncertain times.. With the most advance and automated HCM solution as part of an unified and connected HR department, touching all branches of HR operations and people.

Seamless Integrations

Built with advance open source technology, EIT-HCM able for seamless integration with any existing system in the organization.

Time that matter for your business

Available on Cloud, on Premises, & as Managed Services EIT HCM built to get you up and running with minimum time frame so you don’t lose out on real-time context.

Trusted innovation partner

Innovation has always been part of our DNA, but we don’t do this on our own. 80% of our product updates come from customer feedback. Open Source adoption helps us innovate faster, smarter and become resilient during the evolving business scenario.

Explore the EIT- CLIMBR Capability

Effectively manage employees at the CORE of your business initiatives

Plan, manage, and optimize employee processes with one common data source. Make better decisions, personalize your employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization.

  • Employee management
  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Holiday management
  • Tour and travel management
  • Role based user access
  • Employee self service

Take a superior control at every stage of talent lifecycle

Attract the best candidates, develop performance, boost productivity, and improve decisions making with end-to-end automated talent management.

  • Job Portal
  • Recruitment
  • Training & Learning
  • Performance Management
  • Succession and Development

Manage your workforce with business strategy

Align your workforce to execute your business strategy with right people, with the right skills, at right time and cost while accelerate change, and drive productivity.

  • Shift management
  • Duty roster
  • Workforce planning

Simplify and integrate payroll process with greater control and automation

Manage payroll processes to ensure your employee is paid accurately and on time while maintaining compliances

  • Payroll management
  • Loan and advance management
  • Provident fund management
  • Pension

Provide exceptional experiences, leverage people data to improve business results and outperform the competition

Solution benefits

  • A single integrated HR platform with consistent and standardised HR processes focused on the entire workforce
  • individualised, relevant, and meaningful talent experiences
  • True self-service to support automation, improve data quality, and elevate HR service delivery with real-time processes
  • Provide flexible programs to meet specific benefit requirements
  • Scalable over time and changing business situation
  • Identification of risks and opportunities related to your workforce so you can quickly take action

Business value

  • Make faster, more informed decisions based on data-driven insight across all HR processes
  • Increase productivity and simplify everyday transactions with self-services that keep workers engaged, connected, and informed
  • Streamline hiring activities with automated, centrally managed global processes
  • Ensure process harmonisation across your business and improve organisational results
  • Control your expenditure over HR system.

Client Success

Tripura Natural Gas Company Ltd.

TRIPURA NATURAL GAS COMPANY LIMITED (TNGCL) is one of Eastern India's fastest growing Natural Gas Distribution Companies.

Board of Practical Training (Eastern Region)

To facilitate the freshly passed out graduates and diploma holders in engineering technology for acquiring practical training in Industries / Organizations and thus to make them more employable.


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