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Campus Drive to the Technique Polytechnic Institute

If you are in a flow of technical studies, then the term campus drive is a very famous term in your surroundings and as an emerging IT service company, EIT has to recruit employees from various domains. One of the most successful and acclaimed campus drives was the campus drive of the IT department of Technique Polytechnic Institute (TPI), which is situated at Hooghly. Our team consists of HR, Manager Operations and senior technical person were there to conduct that drive. There are almost 40 to 50 students, who had taken part in that interview session and 2 of them were selected as our employee. The selection rounds were designed as aptitude test, technical round and face to face interview respectively. As the college representative we had got Sri Suman Sikdar, the training and placement officer of the Institute. We believe in the overall structure of an employee and when our team selects a particular employee, they go through their educational background as well as the overall personality of that person. We believe in long time bonding and for fresher employees we have a well structured infrastructure that will help them to grow big and bright in their future.