Education Industry is an enormous industry, the structural equipments and the functionality of the industry are very important for a particular society. From the classical structure of the educational industry, the new aged form of education has changed a lot. The online form of education has hugely changed with the help of various upgraded technologies and structures, these updating features are giving all students a lot with the flexibility of learning. If students can get interest on the online portals, then they will definitely try to take the advantages of your institutes. In this fast paced life, if you can help the students with their desired queries, then your services will definitely get the attraction. There are numerous technological services those are genuinely helpful for the educational Industry.

Our Offerings


Application Development & Maintenance

The vast and premium functionalities of the educational field are developed and managed in a single field. The all in one functional structure will provide all in one facility.


Database Management & Maintenance

Educational industries have huge amount of raw data of the students as well as the faculties for various types of purposes, so, it needs a very smart database management system to enhance and maintain the smooth work structure.


Web based Student Management System

With the advanced structure of database, web based student management system will maintain the entire student related information like general information database, results, class routines and account information.


APPs Development

In this blooming era of mobile technologies, people are much comfortable in using mobile devices rather than web devices. With smart Apps development, educational institutes will get much more visitors in a very minimum time.


Portal Development & Maintenance

For an educational organization, portal management system plays a very important role. End to end information delivery is executed with the help of a high end portal structure.


Data Warehousing & Data Management

Data is the most valuable asset of any organization, with proper management and integration process the organization will definitely get a proper view of their business structure. Large amount of data are processed every year and proper management process only can generate good results.


Online Attendance & Online Exam System

This digitalized age is all about online facilities, so, in the educational institutes it comes up with online attendance and online exam system. With the help of bio metric attendance system by thumb pressing or retina scanning anyone can complete the attendance procedure securely and uniquely.


Content Management Based Website Design

With the content management based website structure, educational industries will get a smart opportunity to manage the huge database. Important and huge files can be easily managed with the CMS.

Client Success

Khamargachi Private Industrial Training Institute

Popularity of technical trainings has become very popular and effective to get job opportunities. In the current scenario the ITIs are playing a very important role in the sector of implementing various jobs in numerous government and non-government industries. Khamargachi Private Industrial Training Institute (KITI) is a much acclaimed ITI in Hooghly and providing professional training in electrical, mechanical and other core technological sectors.

Nalanda Institute of Advanced Studies (N.I.A.S)

N.I.A.S in India is an acclaimed institute in the arena of technical education; it provides high class educational facilities with perfect career focused opportunities and expertise. For N.I.A.S, EIT has created web enable solution for student management, result management and official website of the organization. The interactive application software not only helps the institution, but also helping the students to get proper information and facilities.