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The density of the information of agricultural database system is very high. It consists of lots of data and proper management of these huge data is a very important task. We have a very well structured Research and Development cell to implement proper data management system. As a well known software development company, the team EIT is maintaining its consistent performance to deliver genuine information to the government agency in the domain of Agri-Statistics.

The details of the information, those are required to be implemented are as follows:

  • Data entry and data compilation are very crucial steps.
  • Consultancy process of the survey, the survey process of land should be performed in respect of production and productivity of crops, area statistics and land use statistics.
  • One time report generation through a proper software packages.
  • Report generation of statistical analysis report.


Objective of the Project:

The objective of this project is very much important and it includes various types of government individuals to manage the huge amount of data with various types of credentials. EIT, the best Application Software Development Company in Kolkata is helping to achieve the ultimate goal of this project.

  • Area Statistics- Area of crops, Irrigation Particulars of crops.
  • Production statistics- Production and productivity of crops.
  • Land use Statistics- Land Utilization pattern.
Benefits of Government:

Government sectors are getting various types of advantages with the association of this type of database management system. Without any hazards, employment facilities can be generated through this process, as per qualification and skills the employment process is conducted. The data about the production and productivity of different types of crops can be easily maintained through this database management system. Cropping pattern of the local area is properly planned with the appropriate data sets; estimation of area is also maintained through this process. EIT, the highly recognized digital promotion company is dedicatedly working to creating this information system more effective and empowered.

Benefits of the farmers:

Farmers are the most valuable asset of the society; the government should take proper steps to help them with proper resources. The agricultural database management system is helping the farmers from numerous aspects like- guidance on crop planning, farm mechanism, providing on time soil testing report, guidance on crop planning and many more. This process is helping farmers to get financial assistance from bank and co-operative societies; in the marketing process of various agricultural products they can also get assistance with this agricultural database system.