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Pre Puja Celebration

Festival time is undoubtedly the flourishing time of our life and we should celebrate the time with full energy and rejuvenation. When you can balance your social and work life perfectly, that time you can feel the real satisfaction of life. In EIT, we believe to work in a very lively manner; we appreciate each and every occasion and appreciate their significances. Durga Puja is the most acclaimed festival of the eastern region of India and we like to celebrate this with our utmost effort. At the starting of the celebration, we like to start the grand celebration in our office premises. On the day of Mahalaya, we have celebrated the event with fullest rejoice. All the employees dressed up in ethnic apparel and have done various activities in the office. So, you can definitely understand the cultural structure of our company, we work with celebration and live happily, which is also the key of our successful achievements.