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Prestigious NASSCOM Award ceremony 2012

As E.F Schumacher said "Small is beautiful", the working structure of NASSCOM has taken the agenda named as NASSCOM EMERGE Forum to help and appreciate small and medium IT companies to stay beautiful. In this current 21st century, the promptness of changing yourself with the market is the most important thing other than any smart equipments or machine. One of the most important achievements of EIT was winning the most prestigious award on the campaign named NASSCOM EMERGE East Showcase in the year of 2012. Our utmost dedication towards our work is the most important point behind this amazing success story. On 12th January in the year of 2012 at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, NASSCOM has taken an initiative which is mainly designed to identify and honor the captivating IT companies, the companies those are helping to create the true example of excellent and dedicated work structure for the next generation of SME’s. They had arranged 10 different awards for 10 different perspectives for the new aged SMEs. The event has some particular categories for the participant companies, one of the categories is the service and the other is the Product. The key takeaways of NASSCOM are very important and crucial activities to understand the market standards and the structural benefits of the organizations. In the main points there exist the understandings of the overcoming procedure of challenges in the areas of sales & marketing, HR, operations and finance in the small medium IT companies. The companies have also gained valuable tips on business sustainability, International markets of UK and Japan and latest technologies of the branded market standard. On that very day our respected CEO Mrs. Chandana Bhowmik had received the award for the creation and maintenance of application software for the Primary level industries such as Agriculture, from the Information Technology minister of West Bengal by that time, Sri Partha Chatterjee. As an emerging IT company, we have created a unique Agricultural Database System, which has helped agriculture related government sectors and this work structure has helped us to bag this eminent achievement.